3m Chemical Absorbent Boom

3m Chemical Absorbent Boom


This 3m x 75mm chemical absorbent boom is suitable to use with a wide range of substances including acids, caustics, oils, fuels and solvents.

Available only in a pack of 10.

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These 3m chemical sorbent booms contain large spills quickly. Simply place them on the ground in the path of the spill. To cover a larger spill from, simply join the 3m booms together by overlapping them by 200mm.

The smaller the spill, the smaller the problem and the quicker the clean up time. A fast cleanup get your team back to work quickly and reduces interruption to the workplace.

Chemical absorbent booms are an important part of any spill plan and a variety of booms are included in all Spill Station Australia spill kits.


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